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About Timeline Rentals

Timeline AVID rentals is a small boutique sized rental facility in Burbank, CA, which prides itself on top notch technical support and having only state of the art equipment. Timeline AVID rentals realizes that anyone can purchase equipment, but integrating workflows and providing the best possible technical support is what they do best.

There have been several reputable rental facilities become way too big to provide the proper customer care required for this service oriented industry. It’s not uncommon for some rental facilities to have hundreds of systems out on rental, with only a handful of technicians. This makes it almost physically impossible, when you are stretched so thin, to provide the proper amount of customer support.  Timeline AVID rentals realizes the importance of staying small enough to provide top notch customer support, an extremely knowledgeable staff, and courteous technicians who are always a phone call or email away.

Timeline AVID rentals was founded by two individuals David Amado, who ran all the technical support for Newedit for over 10 years and Michael Karlich, an editor of TV for the past  20 years. David and Michael both realized they had the knowledge of post production and the technical side of running a rental facility. They knew what was most important to there clients and what would set them apart was that, “The editors must be up and running at all times” and “Outstanding customer support would be their number one goal”.

We at Timeline

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are proud and thrilled to announce the addition of two new members to our family: Ryan Phillips and Greg Laurichesse.   Ryan and Greg have literally grown up in the broadcast industry. Starting out at the family owned business “Pacific Radio” and “No Shorts Cable Company”.  Taking the trade skills learned there and combining it with system integration was the perfect  combination for turning out a truly unique end product.   From there they’ve taken their experiences and reputation to 3 Point digital, Electric Picture Solutions and QSR systems, always training and running the integration and tech support teams.

Together Greg and Ryan share over 18 years experience and have provided technical support to a wide range of post production teams. Constantly growing and changing with the Avid rental business and providing the best possible support for various shows.

With Timeline Digital, we intend to achieve the following goals:

1. To provide high-quality, trustworthy dependable technical support to the post-production industry, this through a solutions-oriented approach that is tailored to the customers unique project, in which the costumers business objectives have top priority.

2. To attain a sustainable competitive advantage and differentiate us from our competitors though the leverage of our intangible resources such as commitment to integrity, extensive experience in the industry, and our strong availability to relate

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to our customers.

3. To instill a culture of continuous improvement in exceeding standards if efficiency and client satisfaction.


For more questions about Timeline AVID rentals or any of there Product and Services please feel free to Contact Us.

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